Thursday, July 22, 2010

Second contest here we go!! :)

The prize I am giving away this time is some awesome swag!! Thanks to Cardinal Fitness in Orland Park for supplying the next set of prizes. :) I have day passes so you can go check them out and these nice lanyard/keyrings. (Keyring on a lanyard type string...shoelace type material, really nice, help me with an official name?) do you enter to win? It's EASY. You don't have to leave the room! If we have enough entries I may be able to offer 2 prizes this time!

1. Comment on this entry. (+1 Entry)
2. Add a comment to another entry or five. (+1 Entry)
3. Post about this blog on your facebook. (+1 Entry)
4. Post about my blog, on your blog. (+1 Entry)
5. Post about the blog on twitter. (+1 Entry)
6. Follow me on twitter also - angellam77 (+1 Entry)
7. Bring me new followers as of today. (and prove it - 6 degrees and all) (+2 Entries)

GOOD LUCK ALL!! Many more wonderful things to come!!

Disney Dreaming,

P.S. Make sure you post on here how many things you've done so I know how many entries to award!! :)