Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting started with couponing

Here is a great site to get started couponing. Take a look at the Krazy Coupon Lady's beginner course to change the way you shop. It is an excellent resource to get started. Later in the week, I will share more websites that I have used that have been extremely helpful to our family.

Right now, I'd like to get some followers and readers. SO, I'm going to be having a contest. I have a few special items that I will be giving away, but I need some readers. me do that! Share the word, refer your friends, make comments on my posts, and when I get followers/subscribers to multiples of 5, I will start the contests!!!

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  1. How long have you been couponing? Have you managed to save anything that you would consider "big money" yet? I just read through all the beginner's tips on her site, and while I really like her easy to follow approach for beginners (some of the other sites I have been reading have been MUCH more confusing, at least at first; I'm starting to get the idea now, heh), it still doesn't clear up the biggest problem I have - how do I KNOW when to match the coupons I have with awesome sales? I just get so overwhelmed by that step, I really do. I know there are guides out there I can pay for and stuff but that just seems to defeat the purpose... and making up my own database is time consuming and exhausting. And I don't feel like I have enough hours in the day to go through all the sales papers when they come out and make my list, though I'm trying to work that into my schedule. I HAVE been making my own database of everything I buy and what the price is at all the stores I go to, so I've slowly been building up a "best price" sheet and that's helped a little (more as time goes on and it gets bigger), but I just don't see anything resembling real savings yet and I'm getting frustrated. I guess, like anything, it just takes time to learn. But I really struggle with figuring out how to match up coupons to 'great deals' at my local stores, and I get really frustrated with how time-consuming the whole process seems to be. We should talk couponing more the next time we hang out, maybe you can help me. I'm so confused I can't even figure out WHAT I'm confused about exactly. If that makes sense. LOL.

  2. Hi, Leslie!
    Have you seen this blog? It might give you ideas for other ways to cut costs in your home. Some of her ideas are pretty exteme, but others are much more doable.

  3. Ah! Forgot to put in the URL:

  4. @Kristi - we should definitely talk couponing. I've saved a considerable amount, the problem that I find is that we don't have a store that doubles coupons. If we did? I would be in great shape.

    @ISLMA - That is interesting, I'll check it out!