Saturday, July 24, 2010

Having troubles??

Is it hard to comment on here? I've heard it is. Please email me at and let me know? I'm thinking of moving this to somewhere that's a little more user friendly - pending I find a place - if this is a pain for folks.


Disney Dreaming,


  1. I've been OK. It asks me to sign in with my google account and if I had my choice I would PREFER being able to just leave my name and URL but that won't stop my from commenting. And it always makes me do a captcha word, but again, not a big deal. It's never given me actual PROBLEMS.

  2. *ponders* I haven't decided if I like the format. I know it eats a lot of Sarah's posts. Must sleep on this one. Lots of work to be done either way because I can't share all the info I want within this forum....