Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The ethics of saving money - version 2.0

And again, dear readers, we come upon an ethical dilemma. I love Target, I had a huge post all about couponing at Target ready to go with coupons. But what I do not accept is hatred. Target gave a $150,000 donation to Minnesota Forward, an anti-gay group supporting Republican Tom Emmer's campaign for Minnesota governor. I have 3 gay family members, lots of gay friends, and even if I didn't hatred is still NEVER acceptable.

So what will your family do? Our family has a lot of thinking to do, as this was our main bargain spot...

Does shopping at Target support hate?

Take a look...

Let me know what you think.


  1. I think they stink like yesterday's diapers. Maybe hopping down to the Costco in Merriville or in Orland would work for you. They get great press without all of the evil of Wal-mart. Never heard a bad thing about them. Buying in bulk is a big money saver!

  2. Well, I'll admit to disagreeing on this. I am strongly pro gay-rights. I too, have family and friends who are gay, and just generally believe as you do that NO hate is legit.

    But, that said, Target has a very good history of supporting gays, and that continues despite the contribution. Their position - and I'm pretty satisfied with this - is that the MN Forward group's main focus is economic and job creation. And Target has a vested interest, as a MN company, in supporting those efforts. The fact that the supported candidate is a jerk is unfortunate, for sure, but its not Target's reason to support the group.

    I, for one, will continue to support Target because 1) I love target and 2) I like to support their POSITIVE efforts, such as domestic partner benefits.