Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best of the Southland

I had no idea what to expect when I decided we would go check out the Best of the Southland event in Tinley Park yesterday. For one thing, it was beastly, humidly, and horribly hot. UGH. Just thinking about being out in the heat makes me want to stand by one of the vents and fan myself with AC as it pours out. However, this blogger will do just about anything for free things, and especially when those free things will benefit the blog, and in turn you readers!! :)

The event was mostly held in a giant tent where businesses could give away whatever wares they saw fit. Many had business cards or brochures. That's nice, but I was looking for DEALS, SPECIALS and SAVINGS to share with you, my wonderful readers!!! Probably the most unexpected part was that there were only one or two tables with things for sale. All of the food booths were free. There were many varieties of pizza, pancakes, frozen custard, variety plates of italian food, cookies, candy, popcorn, snocones, bottled water. My family, and when I say family I mean the little ones, REALLY enjoyed taking whatever they wanted.

I was hard at working trying to procure prizes and deals. Some business owners were skeptical or even a little unpleasant, but for the most part they were extremely kind and very helpful when I explained to them about my blog. I was able to get some nice prizes for you, dear readers. One was even given to me by Mr. Tightwad himself!

I have to say, we really enjoyed ourselves. We hit all of the booths, grabbed some great freebies, and found different ways to beat the heat. Mine was in the form of a melty grape Snocone. :)

I would highly recommend the event if they offer it again, it was definitely worth it, even in the heat.

Look at my little one's face, covered in the remnants of her freebies. I think she'd agree too.

Disney Dreaming,

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