Friday, July 9, 2010

Living out loud and how I plan to make that happen

I love Disney World, I love everything about it. I consider myself someone who is totally into the cheesy, larger than life experience, and I desperately want to take my family. However, some serious health problems have precluded me from working and I figured it was a distant unreachable dream.

In May my best friend passed away. She was 33, 2 weeks older than I, and there was no rhyme or reason to it. One day she was doing okay, the next she was in ICU, and soon after it was just...over. One of the promises I made to myself after she died was that I would live life to the fullest, that I would give our family amazing experiences, and not keep saying we can't afford things. I could probably continue my complacency and put it off, saying we just can't afford it, but instead I made the decision that we are going to Disney World in a year. We are going to live out loud on the way, and we are going to do our best to honor her memory.

So here I am...searching for the best deals, the most creative ways to save, on everything from groceries to my big trip, and fun closer to home as well. I'm planning to share with you guys, so you can avoid my pitfalls, share in my triumphs and maybe get a few ideas along the way. We will be going to Disney in a year, join me in our journey.


  1. good for you. I'm sorry all these horrible things have happened to bring you to this realization, but I'm happy you are doing what you can to make the best of it for you and your family. <3

  2. Leslie. This is very inspiring; I will definitely be keeping tabs on this! I know that with your determination, you will accomplish this without a problem! xoxox

  3. I totally agree about living out loud. It's hard to take risks and make big goals, but if we don't, we miss the good stuff life has to offer. Good luck, Leslie!

  4. Good luck, Leslie. You've got MOXIE!!

  5. Oh, also, it's hot as BALLS in Orlando around July 1... If you can, you should make this 9 or 15 months to Disney when it's cooler in Orlando.