Monday, June 6, 2011

Food Pix. YUM!!!!!!!

So I realized something. I just finished talking to my computer. I don't mean...thinking out loud. I mean, talking to it and making requests.

It all started this afternoon. I called the 407 W Disney line for some help with planning our trip and trying to figure out gift cards and such. Then the lady told me, you know, the Disney dining has been REALLY booked. People this week aren't getting into table service restaurants....and they are MAD! Well....I know I want to have some sit down dining, and physically with 2 adults who have serious health stuff going on, it's better for us to sit and relax and be in the cool and all of that. So, I figure I had better make a few reservations, just in case, so that we aren't overheated, hungry and SOL.

So, I've been researching. First I read reviews, then menus....and then I tried to sleep. Only, my brain is racing. The closer Disney gets the more my brain races.

So I get back up and start looking at the "Food porn" section of Disboards. And I just realized that i am speaking out loud to my computer. I literally just said, "I want that, get me that." As if the computer can obey Disney wishes or something. I really should be sleeping, instead I'm looking at Sushi and school bread.

I just had to tell someone. So...there you have it.

Some people sent naughty texts. I look at "food porn". I admit it.

Disney Dreaming/Drooling,


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