Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Better late than never, post for Something about me Blog Hop!

Disneybird was kind enough to host a blog hop, and I just didn't get my post up. I'm a procrastinator sometimes. I'd love to give you excuses, there are some. But, this time it was mostly procrastination.

Now, for something about me that isn't procrastination.

A lot of you are new fans, so I'll tell you something you might not know about me you might or might not know. Let's see....I'll make it Disney related. My parents, both teachers, have always struggled but also wanted to make sure I had special experiences in life. So, when I started asking to go to DisneyWorld, they said I was too young. They told me we could go when I was 12. I assume this was to put me off asking, and possibly because they thought i'd forget. I didn't. :) So as I was approaching 12, I started reminding my parents of their promise. They did come through, and in 1991 they took me to DisneyWorld. It was one of my favorite vacations ever. It set the tone for my love affair with Disney, and my favorite park....

Epcot. I know, I'm one of the few that would choose Epcot if I only had one day. Can you believe it? I think part of it was that my dad got to go there because he had a conference before we did. He brought me home a tape of music, and it was all Epcot music, and I fell in love. That and Epcot made me feel like being smart was okay.

What something we might not know about you that is Disney related?

Disney Dreaming,



  1. Thanks for hooking up this week! Better late than never!