Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are your goals for 2011?

Some people make resolutions. I, as a general rule, break them. So...I'm not bothering with that.

I started thinking, however, when I downloaded the free goals and priorities journal...what are my goals for 2011? they are:

* Get the house clean - The caveat with this is that when I clean, I end up sick, often for several days afterward. It is a huge challenge and I'm not sure how to proceed ...but it is a goal...more thinking to do.

* Keep the house clean (see former goal)

* Save more money/gift cards/items for our Disney trip -
I don't want to set a specific goal, whatever we get is great, I'd just like to save more.

* Lose some weight before our trip, at least enough to not hate being in Disney pictures. Again, I don't need a specific amount, that stresses me out more than anything. But if Icould look at myself and think I will not hide the pictures, that would be good.

* Eat more fresh, less processed food.

* Find coupons for said food. They ARE out there, and I feel like the more fruits, veggies and natural items we eat,the better I can feel...and considering how sick I get....I just want to do anything to feel a little better. Plus, I HATE teaching Claire my horrible eating habits. When I'm sick, making food for her doesn't even seem often I resort to processed stuff.

* Less Meat. Yeah. I love Oprah. And I could totally do meatless monday. It saves us money. I mean, I could get free Ronzoni for a year!

* Buy healthier meat.Again, You can blame Oprah and Food Inc. for this one. I've located a couple of farms that are within an hour of us. It's not cheap, which is rough because we can't afford much. But, it's a goal...and I think it would be much better for our family.

What are your goals for 2011?

Disney Dreaming,


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