Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinner at home

Since my illness it has been harder and harder to care for our home. I know plenty of Moms who clean and cook and take care of their kids and make it look like it's a breeze. In my life, it's not. So when I have assistance, I will take it. That is why I like Dinner by Design. You go and make 12 or 24 dinners and then you just thaw and heat them up. I don't have to think. I don't have to go out to dinner and spend $50 on one meal. It's so worth it to me. Right now, our local DBD has a back to school special going on - $79.99 for 6 meals, 2 sides, a salad, and a "surprise". This is with them prepping it, and it is so worth it. That's like 2 meals out for us, and it's 6 meals at home.

What do you think? Is it worth it in your life?

Disney Dreaming,


  1. I've thought about using them before but I've never quite convinced myself to spend the money. Even though we SO spend more money than that going out. I love the concept though. I wouldn't mind starting a business like this myself.

    Also, I'm not sick like you and I don't even work outside the home anymore, and cleaning and cooking and taking care of my kids has NEVER been a breeze for me. Not when I worked, not when I've stayed home. Oy. I seriously don't know how other people manage it without going crazy. I guess my head is just always in the clouds.

  2. That would be an amazing business to start. I would totally use it.

    Even when I wasn't sick this stuff never came easily to me. I am glad when I make it through the day without one patch of hair torn out of my head, then and now. :)