Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have a LOT to do this next week before my daughter's surgery. I am a listmaker, I need to have something in front of me either virtually or on paper. Does anyone have a website that they prefer to use? I've been looking at Remember the Milk, but I haven't made any solid decisions yet.


Disney Dreaming,


  1. Is Claire's surgery scheduled for next week?? Why didn't I know this? AHHH!

    I use traditional pen and paper, though I'm trying to switch over to using a spreadsheet on my computer and have had moderate success there. I've never tried a website for listmaking. I am already crazy with my lists as it is. I'm trying to get better; if I give myself more tools I may never stop, lol.

  2. I'm sorry. I have been so overwhelmed with, oh I donno, everything? Her surgery is 8/16.

    I like pen and paper, but then I'd really like something computer accessible too...