Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So....I have a lot on my mind. I did about 2 hours of serious couponing...and Rob went shopping with my work under his belt. (I was too sick to go, boo hiss.) He showed me the receipt. We saved EIGHTY dollars. We usually spend about 250 dollars on our big grocery run each month...we paid 140....This couponing thing is totally working.

Here are my questions, now that I really know this is working, big time.

A. I need to be able to show how I do it. It's easier in person. Do I do step by step classes with a cam?

B. Should I rename my blog so that it's searchable with a name like coupon or deal in the name and make an easier to manage coupon site like some of my cohorts?

I have all these prizes and I haven't been able to give them away. I guess I don't really need a reason, but I feel like I could increase my readership with do I want to do that before I have this site I dream about?

What do you guys think?

Disney Dreaming...and dreaming of a new user friendlier site,


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  1. I like video blogs. That's about the most useful thing I have to say on the matter. Videos are good times. I say only change your name if you really 'feel' it. Otherwise just name your posts well, and they will be found!