Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thanks for hopping along with The Pink Ear Pixie in the May Disney Blog Hop!

Welcome Blog Hop Readers!

I have spent 9 months working on a variety of ways to save money to get to Disney. The next couple months will still be focusing on those deals, as well as deals at Disney. I'm going to be hunting for deals on tickets, restaurants, strollers, and much more. Disney is my dream, and I'm so close to getting there. I look forward to sharing it with you. I also have several exciting giveaways coming very soon. I post a LOT to my facebook and to my twitter, so take a look there for lots of deals as well. I look forward to fun, saving money, and talking about my favorite place, DISNEY!!!

Thank you for reading my Disney blog post!

Thanks for hopping along with The Pink Ear Pixie! Follow the pixie dust to "Pixie Stop" #5 - By Word of Mouth Musings~~*~~*~~* http://www.bywordofmouthmusings.com

Just in case you get lost (even pixies sometimes do!) here's your map of "Pixie Stops":

"Pixie Stop" #1 ~~*~~*~~* Coupon Savings in the South - http://www.couponsavingsinthesouth.com/
"Pixie Stop" #2 ~~*~~*~~* A Bunch of Hicks - http://abunchofhicks2.blogspot.com/
"Pixie Stop" #3 ~~*~~*~~* Sports Parenting - http://jbmthinks.com/
"Pixie Stop" #4 ~~*~~*~~* One Year to Disney - http://oneyeartodisney.blogspot.com/
"Pixie Stop" #5 ~~*~~*~~* By Word of Mouth Musings - http://www.bywordofmouthmusings.com/
"Pixie Stop" #6 ~~*~~*~~* Ellie Inspired - http://www.ellieinspired.com/apps/blog/
"Pixie Stop" #7 ~~*~~*~~* Goosegirl Sews - http://www.goosegirlsews.blogspot.com/

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  1. Living down here, we have done several trips to Disney - Happy to share some tips and ideas for you when you are ready to go ...
    Hi from the Hop! Stop on by :)

  2. I am stopping by from the Disney blog hop. We used points from our hotels to get atleast one night free at the resort. I am hopping along, www.couponsavingsinthesouth.com

  3. We too did the points from our hotel chain for a free night. That allowed us to be at our first day of Disney bright and early the next morning to check into our resort. I am dying to go back already, so I will definitely be looking for your tips and tricks!!

  4. I've been to Disney several times and each time learn something new about saving money here and there. There is a great book: Disney on a Dime too that can help you with planning. I will be following you to see what you learn!

  5. Saying hi from the blog hop...new follower...also hosting the hop with you!

  6. Hi Leslie. Nice to meet you!
    I am part of the blog hop as well! I will be following along with you.

  7. Thanks for being a part of the Hop! I hope that you are able to save a lot in order to make your Disney dreams come true!

  8. I hope you get that chance to go back! Thanks for being in the hop.