Friday, August 19, 2011

Phineas and Ferbtastic Night!!

Thanks to Child's Play Party, we had a really fun Disney Channel, First Ever!, Phineas and Ferb
Across the 2nd Dimension Movie Screening.

We had so much fun! Tattoo Time, Great Food, Trivia with Prizes, Masks, Make your own Perry's and Lots of Swag!

We also had blue decor, blue chip bowls, and we even found Phineas and Ferb Fun Dip for Prizes!

My daughter is our very own little Agent P!

Who are those masked kids? ;)

INTENTLY watching the movie!

The kids LOVED the movie!

Make your own Perry Time!

Make your own Perry's (Our friend's BEAUTIFUL daughter!)

Perry's Body - Twinkie, Frosted by the kids (Using white frosting and green and blue tints from Wilton), Tails were Voortman chocolate cookies, beaks were golden Oreos, Eyes were marshmallows and chocolate chips!

Perry Face!

Claire had a happy day with our fun party!

Thanks again to Child's Play Party! We would have another party in a minute with them! I highly recommend it!!

Disney Dreaming,


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