Sunday, July 17, 2011

Le Cellier Pretzel Breadsticks are's why.

I am home, and I am back with many stories. This is the one I wanted to remember to blog about because it's such an immediate change for the diehard Le Cellier lovers.

This is what our waiter told us, as we were enjoying what he said would be the last set of pretzel breadsticks to be enjoyed by our family, as they would be finding a new supplier that week.

Basically, our waiter told us they had been summoned to a meeting that morning, and they were told that the pretzel breadstick supplier had demanded a ton more money. I guess that at one time, the Canadian company who made these breadsticks, had supplied a ton of other places. For one reason or another, all of the other companies discontinued their breadstick contracts. So in order to make these breadsticks lucrative, they asked Le Cellier to provide them with an ADDITIONAL $150,000 to make these breadsticks worth their efforts. I can imagine they laughed. I would have. Their bread is great, but that is highway robbery, IMHO.

So, at this morning staff meeting, our server was told that they will have some kind of replacement, but it might be loaves of bread or bread in another form. Will it be pretzel bread? He wasn't sure. He was just told they would be sampling something new soon to see what would take its place.

Will the lull in pretzel bread goodness change your ADR's at all? Do you have fond pretzel bread memories?


Disney Dreaming,



  1. Wow, an extra 150 grand... for breadsticks?! Well, I guess I do understand Disney's reasoning for not continuing with the breadsticks. Thanks for the explanation!!

    Hope you have a magical day :)

  2. No problem. I mean, they're good, but...I could buy a house with that. Lately, I could buy 3 houses with that. No bread is THAT good! :)

  3. I've never had them, but they do look yummy!

  4. They are quite good, I'm confident their replacement will be really good too! :)

  5. I went there and was able to get them in 2013, but they may have a new supplier